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Joined: 14th Apr 2013
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14th Apr 2013

Alright, I felt like making this thread because things are literally CRAZY on the servers. People are getting Admin ranks here and there for no reason, except one of the admins being friends with the person. This CAN'T go on, the server is ALREADY OVERFLOWING with Admin-ranked players. We really need to pull our stuff together and sort out the people who's not suitable of being of a higher position. No offense to anyone who feels targeted in this post but, with a bit of brains, you can't really disagree.

Now, I'm not saying that people should not be able to stay in the Clan! - of course you will still have a slot in the Clan! The only difference will be that you will be playing as a regular player, but can easily contact an admin-ranked clanmember if its necessary. There's just too many people abusing their position right now. Hopefully I will not have to mention any names but, if anyone want to discuss it in PM's, just message me.

So here's the thing. GEE made a post saying that people will have to be downgraded one to two ranks each. This way we will at least lower the abuse of power a bit, as people are now being jerks to other admins jubecause they have a higher rank than them. THIS HAS TO STOP.

And because of this, I am now asking for permission to activate this project of downgrading people.

What I´d like to see is about 5-6 higher rank admins (60-80) and a maximum of 4 others sitting a rank 40 position. Right now, I am in a position of a rank 100-admin myself, I have to say that I don't really find that high rank necessity for me.

The only thing of true importance as an Admin is to either being able to Kick a cheater or report the problem to a higher ranked-admin so he can ban the person. It's all a matter of Surveillance.

The people I would promote for a higher position at our servers are
(I am not by any means trying to offend any of the current admins):


Dr.Dolan/Flare(100) - donated
Dr.Bambi(80) -donated
Dr.Pevs(80) - I necessarily don't need a rank this high. 60 would easily do.



I say it again, no offense to anyone who feels targeted because of the rank or simply is not on the list. This is just my opinion and could very well change depending on others thoughts and ideas of how to set this up.

But, with the confirmaiton from GEE, I wish for permission to activate this project and get it done already.

Now, people who are extremely unsatisified with this setup can go and make an application actually TELLING WHY you should have a higher position. This application will have to be red by at least 3 current high position admins and they all have to agree on it. Keep in mind to keep the thread understandable and your arguments well thought-through.

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Forum » Community » General Discussion
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