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Joined: 14th Apr 2013
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14th Apr 2013

Hello everyone,

As you know, I love every single member of this clan. Therefore I want us to start some sort of small campign to help GEE out with his economy. As it is now, he is paying like
£21 each month for the servers, just so we can get on and enjoy it. Since I really do want us to grow as friends and as a clan, I'm going to start donating about £1-2 each month to GEE, to help him with this.

Our clan is a fairly big team and £1 is really not much to ask for, but as more of us do this, eventually we will cover the costs of having the servers up - and who knows, maybe add another server to the list?

Now, I want you, clanmembers to actually consider doing this as it would help soo much! I'm making my first monthly donation as of the 1st of April 2013 and will, as long as I'm a member, continue to do so.

Here´s a tiny list of glory for the people who decides to help GEE out:

Dr.Gooby/Pevs -
£1 /month

Oh, and here´s a little picture to cheer you up!

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Last Edit: 14th Apr 2013 by Pevs
Joined: 27th Sep 2013
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27th Sep 2013

i would appreciate it if there are more ways to Donate.

until then you have to wait for me making a paypal

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Forum » Community » General Discussion
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